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From the house you can do a lot of routes throughout the region and enjoying every part of each landscape, so you can go to Ruta de Pardo de Cela, right on the way where we can visit Lourenzá, Mondoñedo or Ferreira do Valadouro. You can go out to know the environment, visiting the castros, El Pico de Penela, El Pico de A Frouxei’a, O Santo Cristo, A Pena da Ruxida, O Pozo da Onza, O Pozo das Moscas, or enjoy the popular malla (mesh held) in the village in August.

We mustn’t forget the fantastic beaches of Foz and Barreiros or the Playa de las Catedrales (The Cathedrals Beach) located in the municipality of Ribadeo, even enjoying the Ribadeo’s river or Viveiro's river. And that’s why we’re located in the heart of A Mariña lucense.

Whether you want to see the coast or the interior…, searching for cultural backgrounds, gastronomic or do sport in the nature, don’t hesitate to follow our recommendations.

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