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The house has 8 large and comfortable bedrooms, all with bathrooms and common zones restored furniture, of heredity, and another elements according with her past and style. Each bedroom has her own personality making, combining with the stone, the wood…, gives you a different and intimate atmosphere.

O Ceo
Is the suite bedroom of the house, it has more than 35 square meters; in the bathroom there’s a shower plus separate tub. It has a double bed of 150x190 plus a twin sofa bed that gives capacity to the bedroom to comfortably accommodate 3 people. It has a shower, TV, telephone, towels, bathrobes, hairdryer, mineral salts and welcome products.

Other bedrooms: A Comedeira, O Cobelo, O Camiño, A Horta, A Camelia, O Castiñeiro, A Aira, O Ceo.

Castellano French

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