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The three living rooms of the house, two of them connected by a spectacular wooden staircase which begins at the start original stone slab of the building, they are strategically placed, creating different environments and achieving the intimacy you want in each moment. One retains the original ‘lareira’ (traditional kitchen) of the house and also the ‘hornacinas’, the old stone oven. The other, more intimate, keeps a collection of important books that, with the firewood heater, give some prominence to the house.

The house also have two dining rooms that even connected they give us two different statements: one more intimate, by a little and cozy dining room of stone in all its walls and its original chestnut beams, and one more particularly bright in the morning where you can enjoy the breakfast with typical products: toasted country bread, orange juice, homemade pastries, seasonal fresh fruit,…

Castellano. French

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